Month: July 2016

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Episode 2: Pg 34

… and here we are, at the end of the story. Looks like The Hand of the High Commander is going to get Mara wrapped into something dangerous. We’ll see where this goes in the next episode. Oh, here is a close up of that poster. There is a story behind it… for another time. …

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Episode 2: Pg 33

We’ve learned an awful lot about Drakar lately. What is his connection to the Emperor of the Blassnaught Empire? What about that mysterious blue-haired man from earlier? Also, Drakar didn’t set up the hit on Kimney, after all, he only has two dummies in his employ… so who wanted Walter killed? DrakarĀ at least saw an …

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Episode 2: Pg 32

Well, this certainly explains Mara’s dislike of the word tenacity. Sometimes things just attach themselves to your brain and you make associations that just are not what you’d normally take in. Dick move on Dash’s part with the letter though.

Episode 2: Pg 31

Looks like Bucketbot is getting his wish afterall. Good for him. I also like that I got a chance to reference the Vark incident. The scar acts as a real direct representation of Dash’s desire to spare his friends from the danger in his past, and we have seen how there is some legit scary …

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