Chapter: Volume 1 - Connections

First volume – comprises “Shfmooyland Robot Rampage,” “Death and the High Cost of Delivery,” and “Paranoia.”

Episode 3: Pg 12

A little bit more about Dash, his Grandfather, and Mara, despite her not being on the page. She seems to have facilitated his tech thing in his youth.  

Episode 3: Pg 11

We’re getting another peek into Dash’s past. As you can see, he and Mara have known one another for a long while now. There has always been a bit of a competitive element between them, though in a way it is a bit one-sided.  

Episode 3: Pg 8

I believe this is the first Florara we’ve actually featured in the comic. Florara are super cool, and I am really looking forward to showing off why. All in good time, though.  

Episode 3: Pg 7

Hopefully by this point it’s obvious the inky-blob panels represent a flashback/memory belonging to Dash. If not… well, now you know!  

Episode 3: Pg 6

Bucketbot seems to be quite good at relieving boredom. Contrary to what Kracker says, he only moves out of the way slightly when something is tossed at him, just enough to present a challenge.  

Episode 3: Pg 5

Orbital mining is a big business in the galaxy. Naturally, Astro-moles seem to be the leaders in the industry, but they’ve also found some fierce competition in the Slauves, Repton, and Cyclopasians. Orbital mining consists of orbiting a mining facility ship around a target asteroid and periodically bombarding the surface with an ion-pulse to crack …

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Episode 3: Pg 4

Marken’s eyes, due to his being an astro-mole, are very light sensitive. Since it’s dark, he has no need for the goggles. It felt like a fairly nice touch to have him without goggles here. Almost allows him to be a bit more sympathetic… that and the midnight snack there does not hurt either.