Month: August 2011

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Episode 2: Pg 8

Let’s talk stylistic choices here. There are two aspects of this page I want to point out. First of all, like all my pages, this one features dark blue/purple lineart around the characters. I have no reason as to why I chose to do that, other than it has become a kind of signature of …

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Episode 2: Pg 7

Man, I am so glad I went with the double canines on cyclopasians, it’s pretty cool and creepy. Also, Orthos, you’re being a jerk. >:T Why does a race of space-cyclopses use so much three-eyed imagery? It all goes back to Y’tun on the first page. He’s not just a corpse-beetle. He’s a three-eyed corpse …

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Episode 2: Pg 6

Man, that new guy has a reassuring smile, doesn’t he? By the way, if you’ve followed the blog posts, you probably already know this is Orthos Kabalos. 🙂

Episode 2: Pg 5

Afro-cyclopasian is my favorite cyclopasian. Anyway, this is a pretty fun page. Definitely feel pretty bad for Kracker. Aw, but it looks like he made a new friend! … right?