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Episode 2: Pg 7

Man, I am so glad I went with the double canines on cyclopasians, it’s pretty cool and creepy.

Also, Orthos, you’re being a jerk. >:T

Why does a race of space-cyclopses use so much three-eyed imagery? It all goes back to Y’tun on the first page. He’s not just a corpse-beetle. He’s a three-eyed corpse beetle. Why would cyclopses worship a being with three eyes? Well, my explanation is this: cyclopses in folk-lore had singular eyes which allowed them to see the future, or more specifically, their deaths. The cyclopasian in this comic are quite similar, as a whole their culture seems to be about doom and death. Y’tun, their Death God, has three eyes, perhaps allowing him to see the beginning, the middle, and the end of all things.

Then again, I’m not cyclopasian, so what do I know?

oD-< oD|-< oD/-<


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