Month: September 2013

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Episode 4: Pg 27

New quarter at UCR started for me yesterday. It shouldn’t interrupt comics but there is always the possibility of that happening, so apologies ahead of time if it does. Not much to say this week aside from the fact there is a draft of the next short story I am trying to finish revisions on. …

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Episode 4: Pg 26

I had a root canal today which was very, very unpleasant. Brush your teeth, kids. Trust me on this. I am hoping that I can push out the first part of the next short story next week. I’ll really push myself to get it done. My latest quarter at UCR also begins next week so …

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Episode 4: Pg 25

Short notes this week. I should be publishing the first half of a new short story very soon, so that should be a lot of fun. However, this week I’d like to focus on something in particular. I will be drawing comic pages and other stuff live on select Saturdays. If you follow the tumblr …

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Episode 4: Pg 24

I was horrified to learn early this week that my computer was pretty much dead or at least dying on me. It was a system I had since 2008, and I was foolish enough to keep it around and keep attempting to fix it. However, it got to the point where I had to put …

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