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Episode 4: Pg 24

I was horrified to learn early this week that my computer was pretty much dead or at least dying on me. It was a system I had since 2008, and I was foolish enough to keep it around and keep attempting to fix it. However, it got to the point where I had to put it down. This is one of the last pages finished on that computer. The good news is that I managed to get a new one in just under 30 hours from This new system is kicking loads of ass, so as soon as I get everything situated on it I’ll focus on getting comics done. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I can play Marvel Heroes with graphic settings above “minimal” now. Anyway, not a whole lot of commentary this week, but if you ever need some computer components you should try

This past week I was on The Dish, again, talking about crowdfunding and such. As always it was great to be on with Shayne, Reed, and Modesty, and I found myself laughing pretty hard like I do every time I’m there. I’ll definitely be on again. It’s a great experience.

I also was able to mention the webcomitron project there. If you’ve been a reader of Cosmic Dash you’re familiar with the webcomic link I post with each page. I decided to take that further with a combination tumblr and twitter account focusing on sharing comic links. The plan is to eventually post “elevator pitches,” interviews, and panel spotlights. So please keep an eye on webcomitron.


On my recent Dish appearance we did a random review of Doodling Around.

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