Month: February 2014

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Episode 5: Pg 12

Want some insight? Here is some insight for you. In the Silver Spiral Galaxy there are generally three types of ranged weaponry types. These are slugs, blasters, and bolts. On this page we see two types. Mara is using a pair of bolt-pistols, while Guugel’s rifle and the various pirate weapons use slugs. Slugs are …

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Episode 5: Pg 11

The contest is over, so thank you all who reblogged and shared the link. While we only received a single entry, it was a nice one. The winning entry was by Nikolai McFist of Charles and Viktor. Thanks for the exciting art! Anyway, there’s been some hubbub to share. First of all, we have several …

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Episode 5: Pg 10

First of all, happy Valentines Day if you give a crap, and happy regular day if you don’t! Boy, no love lost between these two crews, is there? Anyway, a few announcements.¬†First of all, only six days left in the fan art contest! Cash and software is up for grabs, so get your entries in …

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Episode 5: Pg 9

KABOOM. Looks like conflict’s abrewin’. Anyway, the contest is still going on, remember that there are software and cash prizes!