Month: April 2014

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Episode 5: Pg 20

12 pages left. Things are picking up! Might see about streaming this Saturday. Check my twitter for details. I’m kind of tired, I should really just relax. EDIT: Revised the page slightly! I made the sequence a little more clear. Bonus, here is the old page!

Episode 5: Pg 19

So this week we have a new short story! Click here, or click the image above. This is another installment of the 48 Hours series. You may recognize some of the events from Dash’s chapter, but that’s the point, we’re exploring the same day from multiple perspectives, and each point of view has its own …

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Episode 5: Pg 18

Oh hey, it’s Sarress. Next week I should be posting a new short story installment, this time focusing on Kracker, so for next week’s update notes I’d also like to have him answer reader questions! So, by all means, ask some questions that you want Kracker to answer. To sweeten the pot, the best question …

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Episode 5: Pg 17

The pirates’ plans go up in flames. Good robots. I was thinking about having some sort of MVP poll for each episode and then doing an MVP section in the season one collection. The bots would get my vote in this episode for sure. I am hoping to make some headway in the comic this weekend, …

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