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Episode 5: Pg 19


So this week we have a new short story! Click here, or click the image above. This is another installment of the 48 Hours series. You may recognize some of the events from Dash’s chapter, but that’s the point, we’re exploring the same day from multiple perspectives, and each point of view has its own insights. It’s a fun experiment on my part, plus, I get to drop in some hints about future stories and character arcs, so, as always, give the latest story a look, and remember that the archive has plenty of other stories.

There likely will not be a stream tomorrow, sorry about that.

In other news, the Cosmic Dash Facebook page hit over 100 fans, and I am going to put together a Facebook-exclusive comic, so I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

Anyway, the consensus last week was that Kracker should be the interview subject. Also, as promised, I have picked a favorite question and that user is getting a Steam key. So without further adieu let’s dive into what readers are asking Kracker.

Hello Kracker, I’m glad you’re here to answer some questions.

Well thanks. I assume these are people who read my blog?

Sure! So the first question is from @Cayen123 (Winner of the Steam key for OMD and OMD2!) who asks: What was your favorite vehicle to drive and why?

Oh boy, that’s a good question. I’ve driven a lot, and I mean a lot of different vehicles. My short list is actually not that short, so… I’m gonna knock it down to about three. Let’s see… Okay, one of them was an experimental thruster-pack Dash put together back when we were classmates at Gnarlruut U. Actually, come to think of it, that’s how we met. He crashed into me, and then recruited me as a test-subject.

Okay, so the Lucky Strike is probably the closest thing to home for me since the Yellowjacket. The Strike is bulky, sluggish, and I totally love her. Although when it gets down to it she moves pretty quick for a war-relic, because that is basically what she is. I mean, based on the serial it’s apparently part “Federation Mobile Tactical Platform.” What parts exactly I can’t say.

Lastly, when I was a kid I got to sit in an actual Zero-G racer. I mean, I didn’t get to drive it or anything, but just being able to sit in it totally changed my life. Now, admittedly, the racer was one of those local league junkers, but that was enough to totally get me into flight simulators.

Next comes from @RedRetroRobot who asks: How does one train for delivery missions?

Train? I stumbled onto this job because me and Dash’s last ship was stolen and Marken dropped us a line. It may or may not have been my fault that the ship got stolen. I was admittedly drunk at the time.

Deft Beck asks: Favorite alcoholic drink?

Any form of punch, really. Just the fermented fruit stuff. Pommo fruit makes for a great homemade punch. Rawdenberry Ale is pretty good too. I tend to have a healthy supply because space travel gives you a lot of free time to drink and think.

Hawk asks: What would be your dream ship to pilot?

I’d be dishonest if I didn’t mention Zero-G racers. I’d love to have a Marex 2300 with quad-repulsor-arrow lift-base. Maybe toss in a finger-flex split-stick steering system inside a twin-tail spoilered terzenium-plasteel shell.

That or operate one of those big Federation cruisers. It’d be amazing to be able to do a jump that doesn’t require a Jump-Gate.

Holly asks: What is the weirdest delicacy from the farthest region you’ve tasted? Was it worth it?

Kind of a loaded question considering all the stuff Humans brought with them. Easy answer is gonna be coffee, but let me think- Hm. Okay, yeah, so I gotta thank Marken for turning me on to cave-peppers. Those things are amazing.

Thanks for answering some questions, Kracker.


Thanks for reading. I’ll probably give away another key in the very near future.

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