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Episode 5: Pg 17

The pirates’ plans go up in flames. Good robots. I was thinking about having some sort of MVP poll for each episode and then doing an MVP section in the season one collection. The bots would get my vote in this episode for sure.

I am hoping to make some headway in the comic this weekend, so as such, I doubt I will be streaming this Saturday. If I find myself a little ahead of schedule then I might do a surprise stream, so keep an eye on my twitter account just to be safe. My goal is to get at least three pages penciled and a couple inked, so we’ll see where I get to. I also have a desire to get a new page of GHS together as well. Going to attempt to have a productive Saturday, but hopefully I won’t be too over-hyped from The Winter Soldier the night before.

Anyway, this is sort of spontaneous, but I reached out to readers for questions they had for Marken. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer them, so let’s ask away! Remember, you can also read a little bit about him in one of Dorian’s psych logs (just don’t tell Marken I posted that one…).

marken_medfile_photoSo, how about we ask Marken some questions! Hello Marken!


A bunch of readers were interested in your thoughts on a few things.


Nevermind that, can you answer a few questions?Well, I don’t see why not-

Excellent! Alright, your first question comes from Raxki Yamato: When did you first meet Dash?

Dash and I met at Gnarlruut University during my senior year. I was a TA in a literature class, but being a scientist at heart he wasn’t very into the content, so he ended up seeing me a lot about the works. He also seemed to miss a lot of classes, but I took a liking to him and he ultimately graduated with honors.

Deft Beck asks what your “go-to” dish is when dealing with a large crowd?

A pretty standard problem aboard a big ship. More often than not I fry or boil a bunch of protein-noodles and prepare some a la carte extras that can be mixed into each guest’s bowl. Typically I have to do a variety of things since the crew has different dietary concerns. My own bowl usually features some dried pommo seeds, cave-peppers, and hojin sauce. I find the spicy flavors pair with the bitter pommo seeds quite well.

Ryan Smith asks what your plans are when you retire from the shipping industry?

Ideally I’d love to open up some sort of restaurant or bistro, maybe even a mobile diner where I travel from planet to planet. Each planet would be a new experience with new culinary possibilities.

Droakir asks: Why haven’t you already started a restaurant chain?

It’s kind of complicated. I was intending in getting a culinary job, but I chose to honor the wishes of my parents who died a few years ago… I get to cook for all my friends though, so I am thankful for that.

Nikolai McFist asks: If you could be one mecha from any existing media franchise what mecha would you be?

I saw some human “sentai” movies before. I like that Jet Jaguar one.

Holly asks: How has the destruction of The Lucky Strike effected you on a psychological level?

Wait, what? What do you-

Er, she meant would you ever make chicken and waffles for the crew?

I don’t think Kracker would be very comfortable with that. Anyway, what is this about the Lucky Strike?

Nothing. You’re dreaming. This is just a weird dream.

*Marken is chloroformed*

Thanks for your questions for Marken! Any other characters you would be interested in asking questions? Sound off in comments!

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