Month: January 2015

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Episode 1: Pg 19

We’re only $8 away from the monthly wallpapers, such as the Totoro piece I did last week. So if you want to see monthly wallpapers like that, consider pitching in on the patreon. Additionally, I am doing some nouveau style drawings of the character, the first of them can be seen here.

Episode 1: Pg 18

First off, please check out this picture. It is an example of some of the wallpapers I can do every month if we hit the $50 level at Patreon. As I posted on the tumblr earlier this week: Since I decided to be awesome and pull all ads from the site without hitting that $50 …

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Episode 1: Pg 17

Not much to say this week. A bunch of stuff has been posted on the patreon page, and the intent is to get some GHS stuff up as well.

Episode 1: Pg 16

After reading the page one of the first things I hope you’ll notice is that the site is now completely ad-less. I’ve been pretty successful with Patreon so far and it’s a model I want to use to it’s fullest potential. Of course with no ads, the patreon is more important than ever, so I …

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Episode 1: Pg 15

First of all, did you know there is a Cosmic Dash theme song? Sure enough! I’ve got it embedded right in this post, and I’ll find a place for it elsewhere on the site. The song was commissioned by Deft Beck, and was crafted by Nitrosparxx. Pretty cool, huh? As for today’s page… wow, that’s …

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