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Episode 1: Pg 18

First off, please check out this picture.


It is an example of some of the wallpapers I can do every month if we hit the $50 level at Patreon. As I posted on the tumblr earlier this week:

Since I decided to be awesome and pull all ads from the site without hitting that $50 goal, I realized I still needed a goal at that level at the Cosmic Dash Patreon.

So, how about monthly wallpapers? If I can hit $50 per every five comic pages, I will do monthly wallpapers that can range from cosmic landscapes, character pinups, or even parodies such as this Totoro-inspired piece featuring Mara, Dorian, and Guugel. Best of all, Patrons can pitch wallpapers they would like to see directly to me.

An remember, this is in addition to the Patreon-exclusive comic series and the development blog (even at the $1 level), and even custom sketches and lineart if you move up a tier.

If you want to support Cosmic Dash because you’ve been enjoying it please take a look at the Patreon page.

If you’re interested, consider supporting the comic through Patreon for as little as $1 per five pages.


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