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Episode 1: Pg 16

After reading the page one of the first things I hope you’ll notice is that the site is now completely ad-less. I’ve been pretty successful with Patreon so far and it’s a model I want to use to it’s fullest potential. Of course with no ads, the patreon is more important than ever, so I hope you’ll look into supporting the comic that way. Remember, by supporting the comic on patreon you get access to a bunch of extra things.

The two astro-moles in that middle panel are Marken’s parents, who made an appearance in the 4th episode in a portrait, showing them much younger, along with a baby Marken. You can learn more about his parents by reading his psychological profile.

I’d like to start answering questions again, so my favorite question I get in the comments of this page earns a sketch. So please, ask away.

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