Month: February 2015

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Episode 1: Pg 23

We’re back with Mara this week. Looks ominous. A couple things of importance to share. First of all, commissions are back. My rates are $5 for sketches, $15 for inked character drawings, and $25 for poster quality commissions. There are some variations and slots are limited, but the information is available on my tumblr account, …

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Episode 1: Pg 22

Dash is coo-coo-pants. I posted an in-process picture of next month’s Patron wallpaper on the tumblr. Additionally, the about page has been updated here on the site. Also, I am taking commissions again. Lastly, you should see this cute comic.

Episode 1: Pg 21

There will be a stream later today at around 4PM. Please drop in to see me do some new illustrations. I will also be streaming around noon tomorrow rather than my regular scheduled time because I have Valentine’s plans. Things have been busy on the Patreon front. We’re only 8 dollars away from hitting the …

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Episode 1: Pg 20

We hit the $50 milestone on Patreon, so now we have wallpapers every month. The first of which is Orthos, so support the comic on Patreon if you’d like it. You can see a sample below! On a more serious note, I am wondering about keeping comments going on the comic.┬áDo you readers have any …

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