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Episode 1: Pg 23

We’re back with Mara this week. Looks ominous.

A couple things of importance to share.

First of all, commissions are back. My rates are $5 for sketches, $15 for inked character drawings, and $25 for poster quality commissions. There are some variations and slots are limited, but the information is available on my tumblr account, right in this post.

Next, the milestones on Patreon have been revised. I am hoping we can make yearly swag bags happen, so please consider pitching in. There is some cool stuff for swag bags I’ve been putting together.

Also, there is this:


If you are a local you can totally come by and get some free stuff in addition to buttons, and prints. Many of these things are things that’ll show up in the potential swag bags. I’ll also be doing Free Comic Book Day at the same location, and I am looking at additional conventions, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

Also… kind of interested in visual novels lately. Friend of the comic Deft put together a really neat visual novel test based on Investigation, and it made me intrigued enough to plan something out.

Lastly, Dorian’s chapter of 48 Hours should happen soon.

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