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Episode 1: Pg 21

There will be a stream later today at around 4PM. Please drop in to see me do some new illustrations. I will also be streaming around noon tomorrow rather than my regular scheduled time because I have Valentine’s plans.

Things have been busy on the Patreon front. We’re only 8 dollars away from hitting the $60 tier which means monthly postcards for all patrons. I also am working on a special patron page here on the website that gives thanks to everyone who has been a contributor.

You should also swing by my art tumblr, I’ve done some real strong stuff lately, particularly Rocket and Groot, and a Samurai Jack tribute.

Also, if you make webcomics of your own, I have some super affordable resources available, all of which have been used on this very page. Plus, if you buy any of them you are entitled to any and all updates free of charge. In fact, my screentones pack should be updating very soon.

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