Month: November 2015

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Episode 2: Pg 12

Catching up with Dash and Mara. Dash seems super thrilled about the arrangement overall, but Mara isn’t as enthused. Let’s see where this goes. So, how about a stream? Anyway, doing a special stream today. I mean, it’s my normal Friday stream, but I am doing a special Black Friday deal of $10 flat-colored character …

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Episode 2: pg 11

I always like writing Kracker because of the level of confidence he has in his seductive prowess. He comes on a little strong sometimes, I’m sure, but Alix is gonna be thinking about him in the long run. Plus, it’s always fun to have Kracker and Dorian banter a bit. So there are a couple …

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Episode 2: Pg 10

We’re back. I appreciate the two week break guys. Back to about 5 pages ahead as well. Not bad, huh? Also, Comikaze went wonderfully. So I thank you all for the two-week break. It really helped. I am gonna pull the filler image out of the archive, but if you guys want I can make …

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