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Episode 2: pg 11

We're so fancy, you already know.I always like writing Kracker because of the level of confidence he has in his seductive prowess. He comes on a little strong sometimes, I’m sure, but Alix is gonna be thinking about him in the long run. Plus, it’s always fun to have Kracker and Dorian banter a bit.

So there are a couple things to talk about this week, coincidentally they are both twitter-related because I find twitter is the best way to engage with people.

So first of all… who wants a t-shirt?


Click the image above to view the original twitter post. As far as how to be put into the drawing for the shirt, you just need to tweet out why you love #cosmicdash. Each tweet, up to five, gives you one raffle ticket for the shirt. The shirt will also be in whatever size, cut, and color the winner wants. So, once again, tweet why you love #cosmicdash, and make sure to include the hashtag.

Secondly, why are Dash and Mara dressed so fancy at the top of this post? Well, here is why:


You’re invited to a COSMIC DASH PARTY. You can click the image above to read all about it. Basically, just tweet me with #cosmicdashparty with a link to your character who you would like to see in the big, upcoming party scene in the comic. Keep in mind I gotta make sure everything I do is canon in these sequence, so your characters may be transformed into aliens, or may have their outfits worn in reference by one of the other guests. Once again though, this is a twitter thing, so you gotta tweet me, @hpkomic, with the hastag #cosmicdashparty, and include a colored image reference link to your character. Everyone is invited though, so feel free to spread the word.

Anyway, pretty rad huh? I’ll also be streaming this Friday and Saturday at 6pm.

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