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Episode 2: Pg 10

story_ad_maraWe’re back. I appreciate the two week break guys. Back to about 5 pages ahead as well. Not bad, huh? Also, Comikaze went wonderfully. So I thank you all for the two-week break. It really helped. I am gonna pull the filler image out of the archive, but if you guys want I can make it a wallpaper or something. Up to you. But hey, we had content this week in the form of a new short story installment, 48 Hours: Mara: Part Two, as you can see from the snazzy graphic to the right. A lot of stuff happens this chapter, and I’ve found my groove so I am hoping to get a new installment out by the end of the month. What would really help me do that is if you guys provide some comments and feedback on some of the story posts. Do you like them longer or shorter, do you like the character-based stuff or are you more interested in world-building? By all means let me know where to go. These are written for you, so feel free to let me know what you really want.

In other news, I am looking at doing some single issues again of the comic. Would you buy a copy of Cosmic Dash #001? let me know if you have a desire for physical editions.

I had some time to do some new character reference images. I decided to include them here, but, as always, these sorts of things are posted to the tumblr as well.

dash mara orthosSee you guys next week!

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