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Episode 2 – Pg 5

Guugel is a pretty funny guy. If you read some of the short fiction or the novel you’ve read his thoughts before.

Episode 2 – Pg 4

I like doing little scenes like this where we see several different interactions at once.

Episode 2 – Pg 3

Alix still seems to be having some trouble integrating herself with how the crew operates. What implant does Guugel seem to reference, though? It was introduced in Signing Bonus.

Episode 2 – Pg 2

Dash has been working on these wristbands for a long, long time. Canonically speaking, he was working on them as far back as the second issue of volume one. Dash also was working on these wristbands during Pause & Effect and Signing Bonus. He hit a breakthrough when offered nanotech data by Kimney in Under …

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Episode 2 – Pg 1

Brand new page. We get some Guugel narration. On a more serious note, there was a death in my family. Any support you can offer through the GoFundMe we established for memorial costs would be a huge help.

Episode 2 – Log

One thing I loved about The Clone Wars animated series is that sort of pulpy narrator at the top of the episode who kind of gives us the basic set up of the story before the episode actually starts. I’ve found these log pages have been pretty useful in that regard.

Episode One – Pg 28

And with that, Cosmic Dash goes on a break while I focus on production for the next issue, hopefully with faster pages once the ball gets rolling. You can keep track of production on Ko-fi.