Getting a sith lord vibe from Vyle, there. He’s one of the five Cult Lords, though Kelaak is more of a floor-manager sort. Keep your eye on Kelaak, though. He’s got ambition.

Anyway, in case you haven’t been to the site since last Friday, you’ll see the layout is brand new! What are some of the changes this time around?

  1. The site has a new theme; this also extends to the navigation buttons.
  2. Speaking of navigation buttons, there are now two sets. One set in the header of the site, and the other above the sidebars near the blog. Special thanks to Frumph for the comicpress tweak I asked for.
  3. The header is now dynamic, I will add new header images into the rotation as I develop them.
  4. I am going through the entire archive and adding in brand new page commentary as well as tags for each page. Using these tags, you’ll eventually be able to search the archive through keywords. Also, I’ll be adding alt-text for each page. Hooray for jokes!
  5. There is no blog on the site anymore. I’ll be posting extend author’s comments each week from here on out. For the most part, most of the blogging, sketches, and etc are likely to be seen on the tumblr account.
  6. I’ve reduced the amount of pages on the site. Most of the old stuff could fit onto the about page. The fanart page is nuked, and will instead become a recurring feature on the tumblr account.
  7. Lastly, the comment system has been switched to disqus. First of all, it does not require a page refresh for you to leave comments. Secondly, it allows you to have full threaded comments and up-voting and down-voting if needed. The comments for the latest page also load as soon as you visit the site, which I hope will get some readers more active and asking questions!
Pretty cool stuff, huh?
Anyway, things you may want to check out on the tumblr… first off, a preview of the next two upcoming episodes. Secondly, I am looking to name an alien creature that has appeared in the comic, care to lend me a hand? Just check the page’s commentary.
So any thoughts? Any questions about the world of the comic? Oh, and because I won’t be posting until next Friday…