First of all, I have a new webcomic floating about!

For a long time I’ve wanted to have a choose-your-own adventure style comic, and the with popularity of Homestuck and Problem Sleuth I felt like the time was right to dive it. So I would like to introduce BANDIT’S QUEST.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit the site. The Bandit could use your help.

As for Cosmic Dash news, we’re extremely close to the end of this storyline. I am expecting to have everything wrapped up by page 32. The next story was intended to be the Marken-focused “The Kitchen Knight”, but it will actually be a different story that gives us some back story on Dash. That of course happens after a few short comics and any guest comics I get to run between episodes.

So yes, if you are interested in doing a guest comic, you have about 5 weeks. Please feel free to send something my way.

Today’s super-cool webcomic is Helvetica. Go check it out!