Two pages to go before we’re all wrapped up! I am so glad I am at this point, because I really want to start getting into some of the other aspects of the universe. I am particularly happy to introduce Furghar, and of course continue on with Pryce. Both of them have become pretty well integrated with my plans, and Furghar will actually be the subject of a short story between this and the next episode.

Also, for those of you who want to send in a guest comic, you currently have 3 weeks left to get one to me. As always, you can contact me by e-mail via

Now, how about some of the other bits that have made up my blog posts lately?

First of all, Bandit’s Quest has been going strong, and I have an extra-special Dash-related surprise prepared for it.  Bandit’s Quest will be going down to a once a week update, unfortunately, but the quality will not diminish. Bandit’s Quest will update on Friday alongside Cosmic Dash. Remember to submit your commands for Bandit!

Secondly, I am currently engaged in college classes, but I will not let them mess with the Cosmic Dash update schedule. No worries there. I could use a little gas money, however. Because of this, I am doing a commission drive that nets you high-resolution art for about $20, which is about half a tank of gas for my car. If you are interested, be sure to check the relevant post at my tumblr account, which also has a lot of cool art samples.

Lastly, time for another cool Guugel link!

This week I want to share a lovely little webcomic called “Drop Dead Vince“. The lovely Skeleton Lady is a particularly nice highlight!