Well, one more page to go before we’re done with the story. I wrote a sort of breakdown at the tumblr you should check out. Frankly, I was very pleased with the story, and I introduced a number of awesome characters while giving Kracker a little more to do than he had in the past. So this is a moment I feel I have earned. With your permission? Okay-

*pats self on back*

Feels nice every once in a while.

If you are interested in doing a guest comic, you have two weeks left! Be sure to get them in.

Bandit’s Quest is going as strong as usual. Expect a full batch of updates today throughout the day.

Oh yeah, you also may or may not know about Executor, which is ANOTHER project of mine. I am just writing and thumbnailing it, though. Conroy Conroy provides some fantastic pencils and inks. Check out the Executor tumblr. I’ll be posting all sorts of fun stuff there. Stuff like this:

Also, a shout-out to a long-time Cosmic Dash friend, Kota, who is launching a reboot of his old comic Kota’s World called Mailbox Rocketship. Be sure to give it a peek!

Also, time for another webcomic link!

This time, Guugel would like to direct you to Ranagazu.