It was definitely interesting to revisit the med bay since the last time we saw it.

Anyway, the big news for this update is that Cosmic Dash is now part of a sci-fi webcomic group! I posted the details on the tumblr, but I’ll include them here as well:

Cosmic Dash is now officially part of the Quark Comics family. Quark Comics is a webcomic group that focuses on science fiction, and is also responsible for producing the podcast PodWarp 1999. You will be able to catch me on future episodes of PodWarp 1999, when my schedule permits.

The other great comics in the group include Jump LeadsOutsiderSaucer SeekersStation V3Zap! and Zortic.

I am definitely thrilled to be part of Quark Comics, and I hope you’ll give all their works a look.

There are a couple of small sight changes. I replace the old Bandit’s Quest RSS feed with my latest tweets. So please feel free to follow me on twitter!

The other major change is that I am now including a Project Wonderful and Google ad on the comic’s RSS feed. Long story short, a lot of readers followed the comic through the feed, and because of that, the site wasn’t being visited, and the few, modest ads I have aren’t being seen. The new ads on the RSS feet are unobtrusive, so no worries. They appear well under the comic.

Anyway, there is some progress on a new short story on my end, and I am still looking for illustrators to help visualize some of Deft’s upcoming tales. Please get in contact with me if you’d like to obtain prime link space on the short story pages. All your drawings link to your websites.

Lastly, did you hear about space sugar?

This week I’d like to direct you to a Quark comic titled Outsider. For my money it’s one of the best sci-fi comics on the internet, and that was my opinion BEFORE I was a Quark member.