This week we get introduced to Dash’s grandfather, Razaal Aruzen Kameku, and we see a bit of one of Dash’s daily activities as a wee little terrekin.

My semester here at the JC is rapidly approaching its end, and by fall of this year I should be starting up at UCR. Huzzah! Exciting times! I’ll have a little bit of time between this semester and my first quarter there, so I am expecting to increase my buffer significantly.

Anyway, Bandit’s Quest will update on Saturday. I am likely to make it BQ’s normal update day from here on out.

And there has been an update at the Executor tumblr. The project is progressing nicely. I am expecting that we’ll have the pitch sent out by the end of next month.

Meanwhile, I am planning to expand the Dash universe a bit through short stories and prose. I have a little something waiting in the wing from a good friend of mine. I am debating how to deliver the content, but I’ll figure something out. Either special pages on here, or make it something for the tumblr.

If I were to write a short story featuring one of the members of the Lucky Strike crew, which character would you be interested in seeing first, and what would you be interested in seeing a story deal with?

This week I direct you to one of my favorite webcomics, Piled Higher& Deeper.