Out of all the stories so far, this episode has been particularly dialogue heavy, but I feel I am tackling it in an engaging way and that I am revealing things about the characters through conversations like these. Dorian is the new kid in a lot of ways, so he doesn’t have as much of a history with everyone else, and since he is fresh from the medical university (more or less) his perspective is quite a bit different. Most the the scenes Dorian and Kracker have shared tend to have a more comedic bent, but in situations like this, there is a bit less to be jockular about.

There are some cool things in the works, some of which I can share, and others are secret. One thing that I can share is that the upcoming release of the third Maurice On the Moon book is soon, and I illustrated the cover. If you’ve not heard of Maurice on the Moon, you should check it out, it is a very fun series of books written by my former Physics and Astronomy professor, Dr. Daniel Barth.

It also seems our next short story is going to be another part of the F4 series with a Syrien musician known as Moth. I also received a working draft of a story from a new contributor, and I can safely say that we’re going to see a darker side to the universe, maybe darker than the Cult’s activities.

I am a sucker for monks, particularly relevant with the looming release of Mists of Pandaria on Tuesday, so today I am suggesting you check out Shi Long Pang.