Marken’s eyes, due to his being an astro-mole, are very light sensitive. Since it’s dark, he has no need for the goggles. It felt like a fairly nice touch to have him without goggles here. Almost allows him to be a bit more sympathetic… that and the midnight snack there does not hurt either.

In the coming weeks you are likely to see some new content appear on the site: short stories. So far there are four of us involved with the project. These short stories will take place in the Cosmic Dash universe, and will be completely canon. I already have a special archive in place for them on the site as well. I will try to get the first short story rolled out by next update. I am working closely with each author, and everything will be canon. I am already planning in working in the characters of the contributors into the comic, proper. If you are interested in dabbling in science fiction, please drop me an e-mail, and we’ll figure something out.

One a more personal note, I was recently admitted to the Honors Society at UCR. I will be transferring there this year. Exciting things ahead. UCR does have one of the largest science fiction collections in the world… Hm…

Today’s comic is Vanadys: Tales of a Fallen Goddess.