Bucketbot seems to be quite good at relieving boredom. Contrary to what Kracker says, he only moves out of the way slightly when something is tossed at him, just enough to present a challenge.

Panels one and two share three familiar objects in the parts cart, can you recognize them? First person to post the items gets  a No-Prize! In fact, the comic is littered with cameos. Post a comment about the cameos  and references on the corresponding pages, and you’ll snag yourself a No-Prize! No two No-Prizes are alike!

Anyway, tonight is the official launch of the Cosmic Dash short story project! If you look at the sidebar to the right of the comic, you’ll see an image link to the latest short story. This is going to be a permanent feature of the site. In addition, if you wish to see the existing story archive, just use the menu above the comic. In the menu you will see the “archives” link. Simply mouse over it and select the short stories link. Though I suppose you could always click the Orthos picture accompanying this post as well. Up to you!


Lastly, under the about link you will find a series timeline page. With the addition of the prose stories this is a great way to keep track of events as they unfold. As you can see, so far the comic has covered a span of roughly three years and a couple of months. Though there is a large gap between the first story and the story that follows it, this timeline will do much in the way of showing the series’s progression. It also has the time-span of each story as well.

See all this cool stuff?

Now, if you enjoy the short story, or have questions, please post! Comments are open. In addition, if you want to be a future contributor to the short story project, you’ll be in good company. We already have several contributors working on their own stories, and we’ll be releasing them periodically on the site. Just send me an e-mail if you want to be involved. Remember that all stories are canon as well!

As for a bit of bad news, updates on Bandit’s Quest are likely to slow down to a crawl as I am pouring a lot of time and energy into Cosmic Dash. I will update BQ when I can, but ultimately, I wouldn’t mind handing the project over to someone else, should they wish to contribute. The only problem with doing a homestuck-esque project is not having a homestuck-esque fanbase to contribute things to lessen your workload. So by all means, e-mail me if you want to help out on Bandit’s Quest.

Anyway, guess that about wraps up the notes this week. Let’s move onto the spotlight, shall we?

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