I believe this is the first florara we’ve actually featured in the comic. Florara are super cool, and I am really looking forward to showing off why. All in good time, though.

Anyway, we have a new short story this week! This week’s begins a series by Deft Beck concerning F4, a massive Federation music festival. If you want to read it, just click the image below!

As always, we’re always looking for contributors. We have a lot of stories that could use illustrations. I myself am busting my ass to build full reference images for 31 alien races featured in the comic. You can see the first set on the Terrekin entry of the Cosmic Dash wiki. I will make a contributors page for the project as soon as possible. As always contact me by e-mail (hpkomic@gmail.com) if you want to write a story or do a drawing!

Anyway, I guess we know what time it is!

This week you should check out Ellie on Planet X.