Month: May 2014

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Episode 5: Pg 25

This isn’t the last we’ll see of the space pirates, but it’s a pretty nice send off for them regardless. So, there is some bad news. I outlined it at the tumblr, but the short version is that I can’t do a printed collection of the first volume. More details at the tumblr though, it’s …

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Episode 5: Pg 24

Don’t mess with the bird lady. If I have been less visible outside of these weekly updates as of late it is because this final quarter at my University is just wearing me out. I am mere weeks away from my Bachelor’s though, which is exciting! Things should mellow out a bit on my end …

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Episode 5: Pg 23

What are you even doing reading this, Godzilla is out!! Well, since you’re here, enjoy the page. We get a glimpse at full Imperial armor on this page, and it was a ton of fun to draw. It’s more or less designed for Blassnaught sensibilities and combat traits, but it’s modular enough for Hauke and …

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Episode 5: Pg 22

My schedule is clearing up a bit, so hopefully I can start getting a buffer established. Let’s hope! Some interesting conversation popped up in the forums as I started an “Ask the Creator” thread, and I received a series of awesome questions. I figure that’d be neat to see those questions and answers in the …

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Episode 5: Pg 21

One thing I wanted to do here is to kind of show character through action, particularly when it comes to Dash and Mara. Mara is far more aggressive while Dash is far more defensive, and I think it reveals something about their characters. We see some of this in previous instances in the comic as …

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