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Episode 5: Pg 23

What are you even doing reading this, Godzilla is out!!

Well, since you’re here, enjoy the page. We get a glimpse at full Imperial armor on this page, and it was a ton of fun to draw. It’s more or less designed for Blassnaught sensibilities and combat traits, but it’s modular enough for Hauke and Gaur. In fact, I’d say the Gaur wear it particularly well. Those guys look like freakin’ walls. Also of note is I actually got to draw a Mantoid from the rear, so we can see the carapace that covers the wings. All sorts of firsts on this page.

Also in the area of firsts I posted the first page of the Facebook story on the Cosmic Dash Facebook page. I’ll share it here as well, but make sure you go check it out! Future installments will only be available there. Like and share, and enjoy “Slaves to No One“. It is visually inspired by the works of Hellboy‘s Mike Mignola, and has an intersection with a plot that I’ve started earlier in the comic.



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