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Episode 5: Pg 21

One thing I wanted to do here is to kind of show character through action, particularly when it comes to Dash and Mara. Mara is far more aggressive while Dash is far more defensive, and I think it reveals something about their characters. We see some of this in previous instances in the comic as well, and I wonder if maybe you guys have seen some of these moments? It would be neat to see you guys link them in the comments on the page.

Even better, you could possibly move this discussion to the forums. I decided to create forums again, having not learned my lessons from previous times. I plan on getting some RP resources together as well because I’d love to role play some Silver Spiral Stories with fans. So click the link, or check out the Community option in the menu above. Ideally I would love to see the forums become the number one way for me to communicate with you guys, and a more useful way to collaborate in different ways. I’ll work on posting some neat stuff there, so by all means, sign up and start posting. We have some general sections for art, writing, and random talk as well.

Hoping to make some progress on the Facebook story this weekend as well. We’ll see if Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day permit that.

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