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Episode 2: Pg 16

Welcome to the first page with the #cosmicdashparty guests! In this case we have two clear guests, though I could point out there are technically three.

But before we begin with that… Happy Holidays, folks. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whatever it is your celebrate! I am writing this on Christmas Eve and may be greeted by a new neice or nephew tomorrow, so that’s super exciting.

I’d also like to take a moment to let you know there are indeed some errors with the site. It’s all wordpress backend stuff that I can’t fix, but should be resolved with the next wordpress update… whenever that happens. So if you have some navigation issues please be patient, or perhaps visit one of the two Cosmic Dash mirrors. You can read it at Comic Fury and SmackJeeves. I am looking at doing a huge site revamp anyway, but for now it’s just a long term sort of deal.

Okay, now… back to the party. The most noticable cameo comes from twitter user @indigoats, who submitted her character Long Girl. It was easy to adapt Long Girl into a Syrien. In this case, she looks like a local Syrien artist who was invited to the party due to her noteriety among the movers and shakers of Teslovia. You can see her sitting right next to Kracker, there.

The second cameo comes in the form of some uniforms of the employees. Twitter user @CoreyremarK submitted any of his characters from his comic Wonder Weenies. I couldn’t quite adapt any of the characters comfortably, and I didn’t want to throw in a ton of humans, but I liked the uniforms the cast of his comic wears, so I just used the look/coloration of the uniforms. In this case, the hotel rooftop where this party occurs is the Werian Ways, and the employees wear the shirt with the hotel logo. Pretty cool huh?

The third, technical cameo is the character Lom, in the form of a statue. Lom was submitted by @XavierML. As Lom is a statue he’ll probably pop up a few times. He’s just super tiny there in panel one is all. Here is a concept I posted the other day.

Anyway… uh… Happy Holidays!

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