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Episode 2: Pg 30


Looks like Alix is getting a rude awakening to what the job is going to be like. Welcome aboard cute cat lady!

Sorry for the delay, I was an idiot and assumed I could finish the story in one last update, but some circumstances got in the way. We have another 4 page dump incoming, which will wrap everything up. In the meantime there was a lot of story and lore content posted to the story site, so why not check all that out?

Some pretty interesting stuff was revealed though, particularly on page 29. The mysterious guy dressed in blue, who has shown up a few times, seems to know Drakar Vadis, and we also learn that Drakar is up to something in addition to being over 100 years old. I wonder what the history between these two is?

The next batch of pages should be much faster to arrive.

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