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Episode 2 – Pg 38

Guugel isn’t looking too good. I hope he is okay.

Sorry for the week delay in the pages. Rest assured I am working as hard as possible to deliver them on time. Next week should be a Galactic Hub Serreven update.

I’ve been trying to get weekly “snapshots” of the ship going on the officialTwitter account. This week’s update shows off a portion of the Lucky Strike II not seen in the comic, yet, This is the Gravity Pump chamber and beam control. We’ll learn more about that after the current Galactic Hub Serreven story is finished. I have a little story written. Just needs to be drawn.

You can also check out the Cosmic Dash archive over at Spinwhiz comics. It’s one of the first wave of Comicadia comics on the site.

Cosmic Dash - Comicadia, - SpinWhiz

Also, if you’ve not checked out RGBots lately there has been a whole lot of updates. Please check them out.


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