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Episode 3: Pg 1

Welcome back folks! We’re going to get rolling into our next major story, but let’s catch up with some news.

First off, hopefully your 2017 is going well. Let’s keep optimistic! I’m excited by my work lately and I’ve got about a third of the upcoming pages pencilled, so we should get some more regular updates going. I was intending on having a fifth page of the update, but Tobi and I couldn’t quite get that going in time for the update which I promised was happening this weekend. So with that being the case we’re only hitting four pages right now. However, I will be doing another installment of WorldWalker, the twitter comic, this weekend. If you’ve not kept up, here are the first 4 pages ( 1 2 3 4). I’ll be updating them into an archive at some point. Basically each installment is driven by likes/retweets, so please follow me on twitter for new installments! This has been a fun and spontaneous little activity that allows me to explore my multiverse and explore the Cosmic Dash setting through a series of “what if” scenarios.

Anyway, I once again gotta mention Pause and Effect, the Cosmic Dash novel. Please give it a read. There are some pretty great moments in it, and if you love the characters of Cosmic Dash you’re in for a real treat.

Also, Through a Dark Lens is going strong. I just delivered the script for the last installment of chapter 2, and things are gonna get weird. It is very much a reader-driven project so we want as many votes as possible for each installment.

As always, consider supporting Cosmic Dash on Patreon. We’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff on there, and you can help the comic for as little as $1 per every 5 updates. For example, I am doing a collaborative writing project with the patrons which is shaping up to be really, really cool. Lastly, we also have the Cosmic Dash discord channel, so feel free to pop in and chat with us. We have a lot of fun there.

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