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Episode 3: Pg 5

Welcome back folks. Sorry for the delay between page dumps, but grad school is murder sometimes. No time for super complex thoughts, so let’s go with the ol’ fashioned bullet-list.

  • First off, check out the massive, 32 character crossover installment of WorldWalker I posted. It’s pretty impressive!
  • Cosmic Dash won an award for Best Shortform Comic from the Wild Webcomic Review.
  • The Comics Alternative Podcast reviewed Cosmic Dash, and it was quite positive. Give the episode a listen.
  • As always, if you have yet to read Pause and Effect, you really, really should.
  • Also, the second installment of Signing Bonus is up now as well.
  • Jamil G. of The Tale of Jasper Gold and I are working on something. Hoping to have some previews soon.
  • Josh Nickerson and I are about to roll out Galactic Hub Serreven very, very soon.
  • Chapter 10 of Nightlifers will be rolling out very soon, you should probably catch up before then.
  • I have been reposting the Cosmic Dash episodes on tumblr and tapastic lately. Please like or add them!
  • SpiderForest will be adding some new comics soon, so I will edit this post to include them when those titles are released.
  • Catch me at Hi De Ho Comics this FCBD. It’s literally the only sort of show I’ll be doing this year.
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