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Episode 4: Pg 18

Sarress can’t wear her helmet all the time, right?

The current support wallpaper is still being offered, so please consider supporting the comic. Any amount is appreciated and lessens any headaches I get from hosting the comic.

Anyway, aside from RGBots, I have been dabbling in some more prose. I recently joined a collaborative superhero universe called the Victory City Project (aka Project Vanguard), and I currently have six characters who I will be exploring through short stories. As of right now only four of them have artwork. There is Iceshot, Jin Shou, Technique III, and Searing Skull, a super-villain who also happens to be the subject of the first short story. Technique I and Technique II are still being designed, but I’ll share them once I have them down (Legacy heroes are awesome). Basically, the stories are three-parters that intersect at a certain event. Iceshot should be next. Anyway, please consider reading the first story.


Terry is looking awfully badass in The Errant Apprentice as of late.

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