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Episode 5: Pg 31

We’re only a page away from the conclusion to this first volume, which I am dubbing “Volume Zero” since these pages won’t be collected in a print volume. The next volume is being built from print from the ground up, however. Thus volume one. That being said there will be some edits and such on the site to reflect this change. Some comic page urls may change slightly.

A couple things on this page. First of all, the first person to point out where the gentleman in the bottom-right of panel 2 appeared previously gets a cookie. Secondly, Romance of the Three Factions is a popular strategy game in the galaxy that lets players play war-games as legendary galactic heroes. It’s actually going to be a plot-point and is going to show up in some future 48 Hours installments. I’ve considered writing a player’s manual as part of the short stories project as well. Something that mentions some of these legendary figures who may play a role in the future.

With next week’s page being the final page of this volume, I feel it’s time for me to take a short break before diving into the next volume. I also realize some of these short comics I have written will fit better into the next volume as well. So, there will be no comic-updates from me from 7-25 to 8-29. I am hoping to use this time to re-establish a comic buffer. That being said, I am open to guest comics or pinups to run during the break. If you are interested, please e-mail me @ hpkomic(@) I’d be glad to run some stuff by fans and friends. I may dabble in some poster stuff, or maybe some teasers. We’ll see what happens.

See you next week.

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  1. […] in the setting. They’ve popped in a few times. For example, Dash is a big fan of the series Romance of the Three Factions which is a combat simulator series made of historical figures. It is also a game he plays […]

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