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Episode 5: The Cube: Part Two

story_ad_markenWelcome to the conclusion of The Cube, and technically the final episode of season one, barring a few mini-comics I’ll be doing afterward. This is basically going to wrap up the storyline of the first season, so I expect you’ll see some various narrative threads come together. In particular the events that will follow more or less stem completely from episode one. If you remember, episode one also had influence on the plot of episode three. It’s almost like I planned it all out… Oh, yeah, episode two has an effect on this story as well. I can’t wait to show you guys how it all comes together.

Oh, yeah and there is a brand new short story! This story is part of a series of psychological profiles conducted by Dorian as part of his duties as the resident medic of the Lucky Strike, and they take place over various points in the timeline. The first profile is about Marken and takes place relatively early in the travels of the crew, just months after they all came together, which will be explored in a future episode.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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