Well, the last page of episode 3. How did you feel about the storyline? How did you feel about this page? Do you have any feelings whatsover? Please let me know, I’d be glad to address them during next week’s update.

Speaking of next week, Cosmic Dash fan and frequent contributor, Deft Beck, will be writing a bit of a summary of the latest episode from the perspective of a reader, so that should be fun to read.

You still have about two weeks to do guest comics if you feel compelled to do so, I know I could use them, and I am still offering up prizes. Click here for the details.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that myself and a few friends are going to launch an experimental webcomic we’re calling RGBots. If you’re familiar with Jerk City and Dinosaur Comics, it should remind you of those, but with an interesting twist on the formula with some changes occurring every few months. Here is a picture.


Fun times!


Remember when Rob and Elliot used to update? Me neither. Regardless, a fun archive with a lot of funny stuff.