Month: March 2013

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Episode 4: Pg 1

Not much to say this week. Be sure to check out Culture Shock, as there is a fun gag across several of the mirror posts.  

Episode 4: Log

The site recently moved over to a new server, which hopefully will mean less outages. There is no¬†guarantee, but we’ll see what happens. Any downtime should be minimal. It was a bit of an investment of time and money on my part, which is why you should see a little donation graphic to the side …

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Episode 4: The Cube: Part One

Well, here we are at episode 4. This is my biggest story yet as we’ll have 64 pages of story between the two issues. This is also the biggest story yet because of the fact that there are dozens of characters, many who are introduced in these episodes. The season ends with a couple of …

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