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Episode 4: The Cube: Part One

This is an updated version of the cover to the first issue of “The Cube” which represents volume 1. For posterity, it is still listed here as Episode 4, and the second issue will be listed as Episode 5. The volume numbering changes starting in Volume 3, with each volume starting the episode count over, so you end up with volume and issues listed as 3.1, 3.2, 3.3. For that system, this issue would be 2.1.

Nothing like starting off with numbering, huh?

Anyway, this update, as part of Volume 2 remaster, has new author’s notes. I have kept the original author’s notes at the bottom of this page for archival purposes

The Missing Artist

The cover was obviously not drawn by me. It was drawn by an old friend who seemed to just vanish off the face of the internet for a while. Monica Munster was a fantastic artist, and I am fortunate she did the two covers for this volume for me. I notice that she does have some work up at Behance still, and fairly recent, but for a long time, she just sort of… dropped off the face of the internet. Like, scrubbed her online presence and whatnot, and nuked her website. It’s pretty tough to find any of Monica Munster’s old work.

I need to reach out to her at some point. Now you know about as much as I do about Monica Munster.

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: The Cube: Part One Cover Transcript

As this is a cover, there is not much in the text to transcribe. The cover depicts Dash and Vid Seng squaring off across a creek in a forest on the planet Myac.

If you want to spread the word about the comic, a vote on Top Webcomics really helps! See you next week at for a new page over there!

Archived Content

Well, here we are at episode 4. This is my biggest story yet as we’ll have 64 pages of story between the two issues. This is also the biggest story yet because of the fact that there are dozens of characters, many who are introduced in these episodes. The season ends with a couple of mini-comics after episode 5, and some real serious stuff goes down in this storyline. I am incredibly excited about what is ahead.

But hey, let’s get a little house-cleaning in order, shall we?

The cover for this issue (and next issue’s cover) was put together by the tremendously talented Conroy Conroy who you may remember from our joint Executor comic that we are still actively working on. She has an interesting sketch project alongside her tumblr. She also does commissions as well.

You may also notice some branding changes. I am not using the Scienteer label anymore, but I still intend to find a use for it eventually. Instead we have a nice colorful corner-box with an additional QR code. Pretty neat huh? Why the QR code that links to the comic? Mostly for the purposes of the printed version of the comic. On that note about printed versions, however, I won’t be continuing print versions of individual issues after the end of season one. I wrote a lengthy post about it. The stories will still be structured like traditional comic issues, but I will focus exclusively on season or arc collections in the future.

I’m curious if there is any interest in a poster of this issue’s cover? It would make a nice companion with next issue’s cover (spoiler, thematic similarities) and I would be thrilled to maybe do a very limited run. By all means, sound off in the comments if you’d want to see a poster.

In other merch news, RGBots has its first t-shirt design! If you like twerking and/or robots, this shirt is for you.

Also comes in hoodie and sticker forms.

Lastly, I am gonna harp on my fellow quarkers about getting a new episode of Podwarp together, as I have a mighty urge to podcast again. I’ve considered launching one of my own, but just haven’t quite committed to it. Maybe there could be a let’s play in the future? Those things are common enough as rats these days, but it’d be fun.

As this is the start of a new issue, I wanted to do something special for the webcomics link. So I took to twitter and the webcomic creator’s facebook group and asked people to provide me some links to their comics. Will these be tonally similar to Cosmic Dash? Probably not, but I believe in spreading whatever meager attention I receive to other comics. Always have. By all means, tweet me anytime if you want me to plug your comic, it takes seconds for me to do and I am glad to help.

Anyway, here is the list in no particular order, alongside twitter-names if it came from twitter. Also, I’ll tag NSFW links as such.

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