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Episode 4: Pg 1

I have uploaded a revised version of this page. The revisions include changing the lettering to bring the font in line with recent comics, such as the most recent comic update. I have also made changes to the dialogue balloon style in that regard as well. There are no art changes or line rewrites, but I’ll note them when they occur.

Based on the current numbering system, this would be CD.2.1.1, but for the permalinks, I am keeping the initial issue designation of 4.

Again, the original author’s notes will be included at the bottom for archival purposes.

About GalactiCorp – A Galaxy-Spanning Company

One of the things I like about going back and adding notes to these pages is I get to take on different topics. This time, I want to talk about GalactiCorp, the galaxy-spanning company mentioned in the previous volume. GalactiCorp becomes a centralized element of the series from this issue onward.

I do not know when I first came up with the name, but the genesis of it seems pretty obvious. It was originally intended as a sort of faceless megacorporation in my original comics. It is still that, and the relationship between the crew and the company should be somewhat challenging. One thing this issue will do, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, introduces some figures into the company, reveal a little about what they do, and we’ll see Kimney’s role in it all.

I am sure I’ll have more to say about the company in the coming pages, but we’ve seen a few such companies on the corporate side of the setting. GalactiCorp, SolariCo, and DraCo are the big ones, but I am sure there are others that will pop up as needed. As far as the roots of GalactiCorp, based on some of my notes, I believe it started as a software development company for spatial navigation. I may change that. Who knows.

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 1 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 1.

Panel One

An orange-skinned gomben stands in a rising lift, he looks annoyed or impatient with his arms crossed.

Caption: “GalactiCorp Research Facility, Fyean

Panel Two

We see a shot of the lift doors as the lift arrives.


Panel Three

The gomben steps outside of the lift.

Panel Four

Wide panel showing the gomben approaching a security desk. The security officer, a grey, is leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on the desk.

Security: “Late night?”

Gomben: “I drew the short straw.”

Security: “Well, let’s log you in.”

Panel Five

The gomben slides his access card into the security reader. It displays the name Jimmy Piden. The reader beeps in error, however.


Panel Six

The security guard has removed his cap and scratches his head in confusion.

Security: “Hmm. Let’s try that again.”

Panel Seven

The gomben has removed a concealed pistol and has shot the security guard in the face. Green blood splatters.

Gomben: “Boring conversation anyway.”


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Archived Content

Not much to say this week.

Be sure to check out Culture Shock, as there is a fun gag across several of the mirror posts.

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