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Episode 4: Log

This is Volume 2, Episode 1 – “The Cube” and is the revised log page to bring the feature in line with the current comics. These handy little pages used to look a lot different. This is another page in my Volume 2 remaster project. This is also the second update page of this batch, following the previous page.

In the current numbering system, this would be CD.2.1.Log.

Again, the original author’s notes will be included at the bottom for archival purposes. I have also included the original version of the log page.

About Vid Seng

This was the first contemporary appearance of Vid Seng in the original comic as an illustration on the log page. Vid is actually a fairly old character, existing in the fuzzy canon of Cosmic Dash back when it was in the pages of Furrlough. Note that these old pages are also a potential future spoiler about his character.

Vid Seng has been around for a while in my planning of the comics, and I plan on using him and his larger crew as often as I can. This episode will reference a history these two crews share, which can probably be interpreted as those old comics being a loose canon. At least until I update the canon.

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: The Cube Transcript

This is a transcript of the log page for Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 1 – “The Cube.”

It is one large caption.

The Story So Far

It’s been six months since the Vark incident.

Despite a narrow brush with death, things have been going well for the crew aboard the Lucky Strike. It seems whatever meager celebrity they received from Shmoofyland has expired, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

The galaxy, however, is far from peaceful. Tensions are increasing between the Federation and the Empire over territory. Amidst these tensions are rumors of a new technology developed by GalactiCorp.

Naturally, all of this talk of GalactiCorp tech has led to many interested parties who would do anything for a shot at the technology.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Lucky Strike continues their day jobs of ferrying cargo across the known territories.

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Archived Content

Cosmic Dash Vol 2.1 Log (Original)

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Here are some of the comics that came in last week that I didn’t get in time to plug. As always, drop me a line if you want me to share your link.

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