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Episode 2: Pg 1

Hey, the first page of Under New Management. Major changes are on the way for our characters. I’m really excited about where things are headed. How about you guys? Which characters do you think will have some interesting arcs?

But hey, this isn’t all about me. After all, I work with two knuckleheads cool dudes. I do like to share stuff, so how about some twitter plugs?

First off is this rad Kickstarter campaign for a comic called After the Gold Rush which looks awesome as hell. Fantastic art, a great concept, and it’s been fully funded. There are still 8 pledge days left though! You can also get updates on the comic on twitter.

Secondly, here is a pretty cool comic called Spidersilk you should be reading. It updates every week, and you can follow the author on twitter.

If you’ve note read Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you should, it’s one of the best fancomics I’ve seen out there.

My facebook buddy Erick wanted me to let you know his next episode of his comic comes out in about two weeks or so.

Lastly, Alex has a pretty rad blog full of some nice cartoons. Great dogs as well.


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