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Episode 2: Pg 2

lbccOur first glimpse of the Lucky Strike II. Majestic looking beast that it is, the interior is far more interesting.

First off, please come see me at Long Beach Comic Con next weekend. I’ll be there with Imagine Everything Studios sharing awesome prints, and a whole bunch of rad sketchcards. Special thanks to studio member George who did that rad graphic on the left.

In book news, we’re getting close. I have to fill in on the cover which my good friend Hawk was originally going to do, but he left me with enough to where it shouldn’t take that long to wrap up.

Lastly, I am thinking about doing a kickstarter campaign for a small run of Issue #1. Not sure if I will do that, but if you guys are really wanting a printed version of that issue to tide you over until Volume 1 I would be glad to consider it. Just make sure to let me know!

I will be streaming this Friday, and hopefully it’ll be a duo-stream with Hawk. Be sure to pester him about it. I’ll also be streaming on Saturday as well, so that should be a lot of fun. I won’t be taking any commissions or PWYW stuff for this week or next, but I may take some drawing suggestions as I warm up. Naturally there will be no streams next week due to LBCC.

A couple of plugs this week! First of all, Shelley, who did a wonderful guest comic, wanted me to mention her work. So here it is!

Lastly, Jeff, creator of El Indon is a slacker and needs to get his comic going again. That is all.

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