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Episode 2 – Pg 23

Things are about to get really crazy, really quickly, it seems. One plucky orb versus a band of pirates. I wonder how this will play out?

We get to see some more of Guugel’s abilities here. I can confirm that this is nothing special among his species, but among the cast, it is definitely a hell of a power. Guugel’s people, the Wots, are a very isolated and rare race to spot out and about in the galaxy, and their abilities are more taken as a legend than verifiable fact, that is how rare they are outside of their homeworld, Ottwa.

You may have noticed that the on-site archive is looking smaller. That is because the mini-comics have been moved to the official Cosmic Dash sister site, Silver Spiral Stories.

Starting next week, Wed. January 27th (my birthday!), there will be new comics set in the universe of Cosmic Dash. This companion series is going to let me explore other plotlines that I cannot get into with the main comic due to scheduling and pacing. Over at the website, right now, you can enjoy over 50 pages of side comics.

Please let me know what you think! I am enabling comments on pages. I originally closed them because I didn’t receive them, but I realize now it’s just better to have them open. I will also be going through the existing archive to add more in-depth commentary on stories as well as tag pages.

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