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Episode 2 – Pg 24

If I am not mistaken, this is the first “dialogue” Blu has ever had. Blu’s dialogue here is more akin to text-to-speech rather than a synthesized voice like Bucketbot has, however. Blu’s voice generator seems to not work, or he refuses to use it. Either way, he still hasn’t let Dash take a look at it. Some day we’ll need to learn a bit more about this little robot.

For now, though, at Silver Spiral Stories, we are spending some time learning about detective Zen E. Gamma, who has been with the comic since the very first issue. “The Ten Triggers” will be updated on Wednesdays. I am playing a little looser with some of these side stories, but I don’t expect that one to go beyond ten pages. We’ll see, though.

Lastly, I am slowly working my way through the archive here, and re-annotating all of the pages. I will be adding more in-depth commentary and worldbuilding notes as I work my way back into updating Milo Thench’s articles and finishing up the current short story, “The Trench,” which is about Dash’s grandfather.

Comments should be enabled for all the comics in the archive now as well, so if you want to go back and drop thoughts and questions on pages I would be happy to read them. Thank you.


  1. rosque
    rosque February 2, 2021

    More blu more blu!!

    • hpkomic
      hpkomic February 2, 2021

      Blu is a good robot.

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